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Selecting the right golf grip for your clubs may not be that big of a deal to you, but consider that where you place you hands on the club is the beginning of hitting that perfect shot.  Choosing the right golf grip doesn't just involve picking the right color, but the weather conditions you routinely play in, how much your hands sweat, and how much you play.  You want a grip that is durable, but responsive. 

Ideally, you want a grip that allows you to lightly grip the club, while you deliver extreme power with the clubhead.  You may want a different grip for you driver than your irons, but you may want continuity through your bag.

So what do you do?  What brand is best?  Which grip should I use?

In today's golf market, you don't have to give up style for performance. 

The grip choices in the 2011-2012 market are virtually endless, but we will put you on to the golf grips that we think will make it simpler on you and those grips that will perform the best.  Read up on what the grips are made of, as this is important.

Remember, the golf grip you use can be unique to you.  You do not have to use the grips the pros use.  Find the golf grip that fits your game.
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WinnLite Technology
Iomic Sticky Grip
Uses lightweight compressed foam (EVA) instead of heavier rubber to produce the underlying portion of the grip (underlisting)
Results in a 40-50% grip weight reduction (about 25 grams)

Allows a lighter overall club weight for faster swing speed and more distance
Improves clubhead feel promoting a smooth tempo & solid contact

VDR stands for 'variable depth rubber'

The VDR revolutionizes grip feel and performance with new triple-texture technology. Featuring three depths of surface grip texture, the VDR is specifically designed for heightened traction and excellent all-weather performance. The precision-cut, variable depth texture, combined with a shock-reducing rubber compound provides wrist protection from off-center strikes.
Golf Pride VDR
New WInn DriTac Technology
Iomic Putter Grips
WInn DSi polymer grips
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